Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review - NEBO Transport

Perhaps one of the most impressive lights that I have used in the past year has been the Transport by Nebo.

This flashlight isn't impressive for it's brightness (although it is bright), nor for it's size (although it is fairly small). It is impressive because of it's fairly unique charging ability. What do I mean?

Well, having a flashlight with rechargeable batteries is nothing new. I have been using them for years. Usually, recharging the batteries either requires these batteries to be removed or for the light to be plugged into a proprietary charging port. This can be a hassle and difficult to do when traveling.

When I travel, I usually take a flashlight. I tend to bring one that doesn't use rechargeable batteries, because I don't want to carry a large charger with me should the batteries run dry. I would rather just have a spare set of batteries.

Here is where the Transport comes into its own. As you could probably guess by looking at the light, it is shaped to fit into a standard 12V car outlet. When plugged in, the internal lithium ion battery is charged. The light has a built-in charge controller that lets you know when the battery is fully charged. When charged, a little LED on the light changes from red to green. This is very convenient and keeps the battery from being over-charged, even if you were to leave the light plugged in permanently. The internal battery charges in about 1.5 - 2 hours and should give you about 1 hour of runtime.

I have used similar lights, but they were only barely bright enough to see well. The Transport, on the other hand, has a 125 lumen output, which is actually quite bright. The beam pattern allows for good close to far lighting, since it has a good spill, but also a bright center-spot.

To turn the light on, you twist a ring in the middle of the light. There is only one mode, which is fine for such a simple light.

The second most impressive thing on the light is the fit and finish. The light feels very high quality. The body is made of aluminum and comes in either silver or black. The lens on the light is made of glass and should do a good job protecting the LED.

I have been using this light for about 3 months now in my car and have had no issues with the light malfunctioning. Every time I need to use it, it has worked.

I would highly recommend the Nebo Transport to anyone who would like a like with an easy ability to recharge. This light would excel even as a main light for the house. When the battery runs out, plug it into the car. This light would also work great for anyone traveling, by car, RV or motorcycle. I challenge you to find a more convenient light for traveling.


  1. It's seems to be bright assuming its size, really compact too. Maybe a good 'leave in car' flashlight. Anyway, I bumped into a comment saying that he had been through 3 of this but not able to charge any, another one rated this one 5 stars and recommended it.

  2. Defiantly seems like a good light to own. Some great key points in this review.

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