Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review - The Larry Pocket Work Light

We've got all of these fancy lights, but sometimes a simple, inexpensive, but innovative light is more than adequate for the task at hand.

Today, we'll be taking a look at The Larry Pocket Work Light by NEBO Tools. This light consists of a strip of 8 white LEDs, with a clicky switch on top to turn the light on and off. The light only has one mode, which makes it simple to operate, which can be a benefit to people who want an easy to use light.
The Larry comes in 4 great colors.

The 8 LEDs output a combined total of 60 lumens, and since they're in a strip, the beam they provide is extremely floody. This light is perfect for shining up-close, making it great for fixing things in tight, dark spaces.

The light also has a very functional clip. The clip can be easily attached to a pocket, and it also swivels, to allow you to point the light where you want it to go. The clip is also magnetic, allowing you to stick it to any ferrous surface.

Going on to the construction of The Larry. It is made out of rubberized polymer, making it both lightweight and strong enough for the jobs you'll use it for. The light uses 3 AAA batteries, which should give you about 11 hours of runtime. The Larry comes in the same form factor as a penlight, it's 6.3" long and 1.3" wide. It weighs 2.4 oz with batteries includes. The Larry also comes in 4 basic colors: Blue, Red, Yellow and Gray.

I said at the beginning that an inexpensive light can be a good choice for the job. Well, The Larry retails at around $9, which makes it must cheaper than the majority of other flashlights that we've reviewed on this blog. At such a price, you can afford to have a few of these lying around for when you need a bit of extra light when working under the sink, on the car or on your computer.

Do any of you have any experience with The Larry? If so, let me know in the comments below.



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