Friday, January 24, 2014

Review - FOURSEVENS 360 Headlamp Kit

FOURSEVENS is a company that continues to innovate. One of their most recent innovations was is a Headlamp Kit that fits their Atom, P0 and Mini Series of lights (excluding the Mini M2A). These flashlights are the smallest that FOURSEVENS makes, and this new innovation allows you to have even more functionality from these lights.

The 360 Headlamp Kit works with the Mini ML,
Mini MA, Mini MLR2, Atom flashlights and the Preon P0!
The 360 Headlamp Kit works by holding the small flashlight in a polymer housing. The lights are held either with a friction fit, in the case of the Mini Series, or with a magnet, in the case of the Atom series and P0 lights. This holds the lights strongly enough to still allow for single-handed operation.

The headlamp housing can then be rotated 360 degrees, and also tilted 90 degrees, to allow for the light to shine in any direction.

The housing on the 360 Headlamp Kit swivels to
allow you to point the flashlight in any direction.
The 360 Headlamp Kit comes with a comfortable elastic headband that is adjustable to fit your head comfortably.
If you already own a Mini ML, Mini MA, Mini MLR2, an Atom flashlights or a Preon P0, then I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at the new 360 Headlamp Kit by FOURSEVENS. This is a must-have product that adds a huge level of versatility to these already amazing flashlights.

Do you have any experience with the FOURSEVENS 360 Headlamp Kit? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I have a moderately long hiking essential list that I have to complete, and a headlamp kit is among the top items. After reading your review, I think the FOURSEVENS 360 headlamp kit is a good fit. Do you have any suggestions for a survival lighter? I did find some models here: