Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FOURSEVENS Burst Mode Review

The Maelstrom MM-X has a maximum brightness
of 900 lumens with Burst Mode!
FOURSEVENS has always been an innovative flashlight company. In their latest quest for innovation, they have incoporated select models of their flashlights with a "Burst Mode", something that they hope to do with all of their lithium-celled, multi-mode flashlights.

Burst Mode is a really exciting new feature, replacing the standard Maximum Brightness setting. When turning the flashlight to Burst, the first 60 seconds of illumimation are 60-80% brighter (depending on model) than the standard maximum setting. Over the course the next 30 seconds, the flashlight ramps down to 50% of the initial brightness.

The brightness increase in Burst Mode pushes the LED to a very high level, and in order to keep it from overheating, it is only temporary (requiring the light to ramp down after 60 seconds). However, with this fairly drastic increase in brightness, similar runtimes are still achieved.

The popular Quark QB2L-X also has Burst Mode,
with a maximum brightness of 870 lumens.
Only flashlight models that use CR123 batteries or other high-voltage lithium ion batteries are able to have the Burst Mode feature.

The following flashlight models now come with Burst Mode (although more will in the future):
Maelstrom MM-X - Burst mode at 900 lumens
Quark QB2L-X - Burst mode at 870 lumens
Quark QP2L-X - Burst mode at 780 lumens
Quark QT2L-X - Burst mode at 780 lumens

If you're a FOURSEVENS fan, then you'll definitely want to check out these Burst Mode Flashlights. If you're been considering getting a high quality LED Flashlight, but have been holding out, getting a FOURSEVENS Flashlight with Burst Mode would be a great choice.

Have any of you had any experience with these new flashlights with Burst Mode? If so, let me know if the comments below.


  1. I purchased a Quark Tactical and Professional with Burst mode and have been pleased with both. The brightness is stunning! In normal use I rarely use the full power setting for more than a few seconds at a time but I made a point of leaving it on for a few minutes while walking my dogs at night just to see how much the light would dim when it ramped down after a minute. I didn't notice the drop in lumens! The Quark QP2L-X with Burst Mode (with the addition of a Quark Turbo forward clicky tail cap and a deep pocket carry clip) has become my favorite EDC. I'd been looking for a high quality versatile light with 500 plus lumens that was small enough for EDC and powerful enough for potential tactical use. This light meet and exceeds my expectations.

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