Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review - FOURSEVENS Maelstrom MMU-HD

The Maelstrom MMU-HD is one powerhouse of a flashlight.
Upon thinking about what I should write my next blog post about, I realized that I had never actually reviewed the FOURSEVENS Maelstrom MMU-HD (aka Maelstrom S18). This bright powerhouse of a flashlight isn't something that you'd be carrying every day. However, it would be a great light to keep around to show off to friends, or in case you ever had to light something up that was really far away.

The MMU-HD has a smooth reflector for throwing light far.
Using 6 CR123 batteries, the MMU-HD outputs a whopping 1200 lumens on high, 400 lumens on medium and 80 lumens on low. It has three brightness modes (Low, Medium, High) and two special modes (Strobe, SOS). The beam on the MMU-HD is narrow, which means that it's designed for throwing the light far. From my experience, the brightness of the MMU-HD is comparable to that of a car headlight.

The mode selection for the MMU-HD is very unique when it comes to FOURSEVENS flashlights. The modes are selected by rotating a tactile ring near the tailcap. The ring makes an audible "click" when you select a new mode. It's very easy to remember which mode is which, to allow for easy mode manipulation, even in the dark.

The case on the MMU-HD is very attractive;
fitting for such a nice flashlight.
Well, enough about the modes... how big and heavy is this thing? Yeah, I know, everything comes with a cost. The exchange for having such an insanely bright flashlight is that it weights about 28 oz with batteries. That's 1 3/4 lbs! It's also 9.2" long and 2.5" wide at the head (1.8" wide flashlight body). It's quite a hefty light. If you're a security guard or police officer, it may be a light that you would like to carry, because in a pinch, you can use it as an impact weapon, similar to those D Cell Maglites that you often see officers carry.

If you wanted to carry the MMU-HD, it does come with a carry pouch/holster. It also comes in a very stylish aluminum case, which is great for transport.

Needless to say, I'm pretty impressed by the Maelstrom MMU-HD. In my opinion, it's a homerun if you can afford the $215 price tag. It may be just the flashlight that you are looking for.


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  2. Thanks for this review. I just purchased an MMU-HD after reading your comments and have used it on several night walks. The tail switch was defective when it arrived (it turned the light on but will not turn the light off so I'm turning the light on by tightening the tail cap and turning it off by unscrewing it) while waiting for the replacement part from FourSevens. Other than the defective switch (FourSevens offered to send a replacement without any hassle), the build and finish of the light is excellent.

    I live in a rural area in Colorado that has Cougars (the four legged kind), Bears, Deer, Elk, Fox, etc. I like to make a sweep of my immediate area with my flashlight to see if there are any glowing eyes looking back at me and, if so, identify what the critter is (and make a threat determination) at up to about 150 yards. Considering how non-reflective a nocturnal critter's hide is, this is a serious challenge for a flashlight. The MMU-HD on High Power takes care of the job. It's low setting of 80 Lumen is a bit brighter than I prefer for general night time navigation, but it is acceptable. The 1200 Lumen setting reaches out a long way with authority.

    One of this light's features is current regulation that allows the use of RCR -123 batteries, the rechargeable version of the CR-123. The MMU-HD houses 3 stacks of 2 batteries so it's using 6 batteries at a time. Being able to use rechargeable batteries is a convenience and an economy.

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