Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review - FOURSEVENS Quark Turbo QB2L-X

puts out a whopping 540 lumens (Gen2)!
2011 has been a very busy year for FOURSEVENS. They have released many new lights and are planning on releasing even more. One of their most exciting newly released flashlights has been the Quark Turbo QB2L-X (formerly the Quark 123² Turbo "X").

Now many of use may already know the Quark Turbo series of flashlights from previous reviews. You can find our review of the Quark Turbo flashlight HERE. You may even own a Quark Turbo yourself. The Turbo line of lights is known for their throw. They have deep, smooth reflectors, great for shining far away.

What makes the Quark Turbo QB2L-X so different?

Well, from first glance, you can see that the Turbo QB2L-X looks different than the other Turbo models. It has a much larger head than the other Turbo lights. This is to fit the larger and brighter CREE XM-L2 LED emitter. Due to this new LED technology, the Quark Turbo QB2L-X is able to output 540 lumens on high mode.

Programming Modes:
The smooth, deep reflector allows this light to shine far.
Like all Turbo flashlights, the Quark Turbo QB2L-X has 8 different lighting modes. The modes are controlled by twisting the head to either a tight position or a loose position. The light is turned on by a clicky tailcap. It also has a "momentary on" feature, which means that the light can be turned on by just lightly depressing the tailcap. Of course, you can also click the switch fully to keep it on.

To have the Quark Turbo QB2L-X memorize a different mode, turn it on and loosen the head by a half-turn. Then, tighten the head at least four times rapidly (twisting it tight, then loose, then tight, etc., four times). After the fourth time, leave the head tight or loose depending which position you want to program.

After three seconds, the light will flash, signaling it is ready to be programmed. Cycle through the eight available modes by clicking the tailcap off and on. The mode sequence is as follows:

Moonlight » Low » Medium » High » Max » S.O.S. » Strobe » Beacon

The Quark Turbo QB2L-X comes with the usual FOURSEVENS gear.
Once you find your desired mode, leave that mode on for ten seconds and the light will flash again, confirming that the mode has been memorized. To cancel programming before it flashes, turn the flashlight off for three seconds.

To give you some more information, here are the different modes, along with their brightnesses and runtimes. This Quark has been updated by FOURSEVENS to the new Gen2 CREE XP-G2 LED.

Moonlight (0.3 lumens, 20 days)
Low (8 lumens, 2.6 days)
Medium (60 lumens, 13 hours)
High (260 lumens, 3 hours)
Max (540 lumens, 1 hours 30 minutes)
Strobe (540 lumens, 3 hours)
Beacon (540 lumens, 23 hours)
S.O.S. (0-540 lumens, 15 hours)

Dimensionally, the Quark Turbo QB2L-X is about the same length as the Quark Turbo QB2L, 5.2". The diameter of the head is 1.5" while the diameter of the body is 0.87". I must admit that it does look a little mis-matched, but for those that want a super-bright, far shining flashlight, that's the price you'll have to pay.

The weight is reasonable, 5.9 oz with 2 CR123A batteries and 4.7 oz without. Not too bad. The light comes with the usual FOURSEVENS gear: Removeable Pocket Clip, Carry Pouch, Lanyard, Split Keyring, Hand Grip Accessory, Spare O-rings and 2 CR123A Batteries.


So, what do I think about the FOURSEVENS  Quark Turbo QB2L-X ?

Well, if you definitely need a 540 lumen thrower, then it's one of the smallest and least expensive flashlights on the market. Personally, the head makes it a little to large for an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. For some people, though, it may be excellent. It's a great light to have in a bag in case of an emergency where size constraints aren't as important.

Still, I would say that it's a very unique light worth checking out, especially if you're a flashlight enthusiast.


  1. I just bought the light online and I find it hard to wait so long till I receive it. Live in The Netherlands.... I have the Quark Minix and its a great light!
    Nice review!

  2. Good review, thanks!

    Based on this and other reviews I picked up a Foursevens QB2L-X Gen2, which is the modern equivalent of this light.

    I am very impressed! Impressive throw, and perfect for my use - keeping in the glovebox of the car in case I need a searchlight for emergencies. The other modes are a nice bonus for doing things like changing a tire on the side of a road.

    I usually buy AA flashlights only (I use Eneloops), but I wanted a CR123A cell for it's long shelf life in this application - I simply keep a box of spares in the vehicle, which should be good for 3-5 years. Not bad!