Thursday, April 18, 2013


FOURSEVENS has recently undergone some pretty big improvements to their flashlights.

The Mini M2A (formerly the Mini AA²)
is still as functional as ever,
but with the upgraded XP-G2 LED.
For those who don't remember, FOURSEVENS, used to be 4Sevens until they underwent a name change about a year ago. They are a manufacturer of high quality, but fairly inexpensive flashlights. Their claim to fame is an unmatched 10 year warranty on all of their lights, along with the vast majority of their flashlights being waterproof to about 10 meters. I can attest to their waterproof-ness, because I have swam with their lights on multiple occasions and have never experienced a failure of any kind with one.

Anyways, since the logo change, FOURSEVENS has changed the name designation of all of their flashlights, along with an upgrade to nearly every LED emitter that they use. Their staple LED emitter used to be the CREE XP-G R5, which was a very solid LED that provided a very bright light with a great runtime.


Their upgrade to the XP-G R5 is the XP-G2 aka the Gen2. The Gen2 offers the same great runtimes as the R5, but with a 20% brighter output. The same form factor is available for all of their lights, just with an upgrade to the part that matters most, the LED. Think of it processor upgrade to a computer, or an engine upgrade to a car.

For those wanting a bit more power,
the Maelstrom MM-X gives you
a screaming 576 lumens with the
XM-L Gen 2 LED.
XM-L Gen2

Going along with their upgrade to the XP-G R5 line of LEDs, FOURSEVENS has also upgraded their XM-L LEDs. The XM-L LEDs are like the R5 LEDs on steroids. They have a significantly brighter output, but now with their upgrade to the XM-L Gen2, it's even brighter than before. As with the XP-G2, the XM-L Gen2 is 20% brighter than the 1st Generation, while maintaining the same runtimes. In fact, according to FOURSEVENS, the XM-L Gen2 is the highest performing, commercially available, single-die LED on the market today! Now that's something to get excited about.

With that said, now that the Gen2s LEDs are out, it's very easy to find some great deals on overstocks of the Gen1 lights, which as still as useful as they ever were.

Look to this blog for further updates to the FOURSEVENS line of flashlights.

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