Friday, March 8, 2013

Review - FOURSEVENS Preon P0

After putting this light through its paces, I think that I'm finally ready to give you guys a honest review for the FOURSEVENS Preon P0.
The Preon P0 is a small but
functional little flashlight.
The Preon P0 came out last year (2012) and I've been carrying the flashlight daily. What makes the flashlight so handy is the fact that you can easily carry it on a keychain, which is exactly the way that I carry mine and the way that I recommend carrying the flashlight.

The P0, coming in at 2.2" long, is only slightly longer than a AAA battery, which is the battery that it uses. The weight without the battery is 0.4 oz and with the battery is 0.8 oz. You'll forget that you have it on your keys, which is what often happens to me, until it comes in handy.

On the rare occasion that I am not carrying my Quark Turbo QB2L, I've got my P0 as a backup.

The P0 is constructed out of stainless steel, which makes it very resistant to scratching. I've had mine on my keys for almost a year, and it still looks very good, with only a few small nicks in the body.

The operation on the P0 is also very simple. There are only two modes, low and high and they are accessed by tightening the head of the light. Loosening the head turns the flashlight off. Upon turning the flashlight on, the first mode is low. Then, turning the flashlight off and on turns it to high.

The LED Emitter on the PO has a very wide, diffuse beam pattern.
Low mode gives you a very useful .24 lumens, which is enough for up-close work. The great thing is that you get 120 hours of runtime on low mode. The high mode gives you a 25 lumen beam and 1.5 hours of runtime.

Another unique thing about the P0 is the diffuse beam pattern. The beam emmitted by the P0 has practically no hot-spot. This means that the entire beam, which is very wide, is nearly all usable light. This is the perfect beam pattern for a light such as the P0. The P0 is primarily a backup light, one that you would use for up-close tasks and you want a wide, functional beam for such jobs.

As if the P0 wasn't useful enough, there is a strong magnet at the back end of the light. Removing the flashlight from your keys allows you to stick the flashlight onto any steel surface, which is a great hands-free feature.

A strong magnet on the P0 allows it to stick to any steel surface.
Did I mention that the P0 is also waterproof? To test this, I put one in my pocket when I went to do laps in the local swimming pool. Needless to say, it fell out and took a few minutes of searching to find it at the bottom of the pool. I took the flashlight out of the water and it worked perfectly. The o-ring seal around the head of the light kept all moisture out of the flashlight. Not that you'll ever be diving with the light, but if you had to, it would still work.

The Preon P0 is leaps and bounds better than the tiny keychain LED lights that you normally find people carrying. Put one on your keys and I'm pretty sure you'll be as pleased with it as I am.


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  2. My 2-year old just destroyed my tactical flashlight and I am thinking of replacing it with the FOURSEVENS Preon Po. I like its durable body, lens material, LED emitter, and brightness levels. Great review, thanks for sharing. Apart from the FOURSEVENS, I found more options here: