Thursday, December 13, 2012

4Sevens Same As FOURSEVENS?

New logo, same great flashlights.
Many of you may be wondering if 4Sevens is actually the same brand as FOURSEVENS.

Well, this short and sweet blog post will hopefully help ease your worries. The "new" FOURSEVENS is actually the same as the old 4Sevens that you all have learned to trust over these past few years. In my opinion, they are some of the best "Bang for your Buck" flashlights around and all come with a 10-year no-nonsense warranty.

The Quark Turbo QB2L has proven itself
 to be a reliable flashlight.
I personally have a flashlight that I have used for over 2 years and it has yet to fail me. I have swam with my Quark 123² Turbo (now called Quark Turbo QB2L), dropped it on the concrete numerous times, thrown it and done all sorts of other abuses (some accidental and some not) and it has always turned on when I needed it to. I love this light!

Along with the logo change, the FOURSEVENS flashlights have undergone a change in their names. What used to be the "Regular" series of lights is now called the "Pro" series, while the "Tactical" series retains the same name.

The naming convention for each light has also changed but all of the same basic models that 4Sevens made are still being offered by FOURSEVENS.

If you haven't checked one of these lights out, be sure to do so. You won't regret it!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rechargeable Batteries Save You Money!

I was speaking to a friend just a little while ago about flashlights. He was asking me what kind of a flashlight I carried, which you all know is the Quark Turbo QB2L (previously known as the Quark 123² Turbo).
The Quark Turbo QB2L is my
preferred everyday carry flashlight.

Then, he asked me what kind of batteries it used. I quickly took the tailcap off and showed him the CR123A batteries. He said, "I've never seen those. They must be expensive..."

Well, more exotic batteries such as the CR123A and CR2 can be expensive. That is, unless you make a relatively small initial investment that ends up paying for itself within a few months.

The investment that I am referring to (if you read the title of this post) is buying a set of rechargeable batteries.

Now rechargeable batteries cost about 3-5 times more than standard batteries, but after 3-5 uses, the batteries have already paid for themselves.

AW makes some great rechargeable CR123A batteries.
Not only do you save money, but when it comes to flashlights, you have the added bonus of not having to worry about wasting batteries. If you have rechargeable batteries, you are more likely to enjoy your light, without having that nagging feeling that anytime now you will have to buy new expensive batteries to replace the ones you're currently using up.

Sure, standard batteries have their place. They usually have longer runtimes than rechargeable batteries and are good as back-ups. However, your primary flashlight batteries should be rechargeable, if you have the ability to buy some.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a flashlight that you commonly use, stop wasting your money and pick up a set of rechargeable batteries!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review - PowerPax Battery Caddies

If you use flashlights a lot, then you know as I do that you can never have enough batteries. However, when your flashlight batteries run out in the middle of a task, you probably won't have spares with you. If you do have spares, then I bet you don't have a convenient way to carry them.

The PowerPax A9 Pack Caddy holds 8AA, 4AAA and a 9V battery.
I know that I sure didn't. That is, until I discovered a neat new product called PowerPax. PowerPax are battery caddies that conveniently hold your batteries until you need them. They are lightweight and made out of a high strength polymer material. They also come in different models for the different popular battery types that you may use.

The PowerPax SlimLine CR123 holds 4 CR123 batteries.
They come in models for: AA, AAA, 9V, C, D and even CR123 batteries. Their Slimline models hold only a few batteries, but they also make models which carry many batteries along with models that can carry a combination of batteries. For example, their A9 Pack carry carries 8 AA, 4 AAA and a 9V battery.

They also come in many great colors, including orange, yellow, black, military green and glow in the dark.

If you're a person that carries a flashlight, then I would highly suggest taking a look at PowerPax. They're a great way to have spare batteries on hand,  making sure you have them when you need them.