Friday, July 1, 2011

Review - FOURSEVENS Maelstrom MMU

FOURSEVENS, as you know by now, has a reputation for making a variety of different useful lights. These lights range from the tiny and portable Preon P1, to the powerful Maelstrom series of lights. Today, we'll be looking at FOURSEVENS' most powerful flashlight offering, the Maelstrom MMU (formerly the Maelstrom S12).

Behold the powerhouse that is the Maelstrom MMU.
The Maelstrom MMU really is a handful. Weighing in at 9 oz with its proprietary 26650 battery, the flashlight does have some heft to it. However, it fills the hand well, having a body diameter of 1.3" with ample knurling on all sides. While this wouldn't be a great daily carry light, it would go well in the glove box of a car or somewhere else where it can be accessed readily.

What makes this flashlight really shine (pun intended) is the output. The Maelstrom MMU outputs a screaming 800 lumens on high mode or 120 lumens on low mode. Only having two modes, the light is easy to use for anyone, not requiring any difficult programming modes or sequences of clicks to switch modes. To switch between modes, simply turn the flashlight off and on within 1 second. The flashlight is controlled with a tailcap that can be tightened to turn the light on or pressed to give "momentary on".

The Maelstrom MMU has a smooth reflector for shining far.
The Maelstrom MMU isn't powered by your ordinary batteries either. It uses a rechargeable 26650 Lithium cell, which gives the light exceptional runtimes. On high mode, the light runs for 1.5 hours and on low for a stunning 13 hours. It's really funny because the "low" mode on the MMU is higher than most flashlight's high mode. The fact that the 26650 battery is rechargeable is also a great thing since you don't have to feel bad for using the light. When you get the MMU, you can use it to your heart's content, blinding friends and relatives with no regrets of having to replace expensive batteries.

The Maelstrom MMU, being FOURSEVENS' most powerful flashlight, is large and powerful. It would be a great light for someone who would really need to illuminate a large area, or who needs a light that will works for hours without running out of juice. Heck, even if you don't "need" the light, having a hand-held light capable of outputting 800 lumens is just cool.

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