Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Are FOURSEVENS Warm White LEDS?

You guys that have been following FOURSEVENS for any length of time know that they have a series of lights that they call "Warm White". I was intrigued by this and I figure that the best way to see what it's all about is to try it for yourself.

Figuring from the last post, while we're still on the topic of LED's, I thought that you guys would appreciate reading about what these mysterious "Warm White" LED's were all about, so I'm writing about them today.

The Quark Tactical QT2A - Warm White comes in a
plastic re-sealable bag, for ease of storage.
I was able to test the Quark Tactical QT2A (formerly the Quark AA² Tactical) with the warm white LED and was really impressed by it. Now, I have some experience with Quarks already, but this was my first time testing out the Quark with the warm white LED. The technical name of this special LED emitter is the CREE XP-G Q5 LED. What separates this LED from others on the market is the color temperature of this light.

For those not familiar with color temperatures, it's basically a standardized way of measuring the wavelengths output by a light bulb. It is measured in degrees Kelvin. As a baseline for you to better understand color temperature, I wanted to give you some examples. 5500-6000K corresponds to daylight, which is basically white light. 6500K+ gives you a more blue light. 3000K is equal to a more orange color, while 1000K gives you a more red color.

The color temperature of the CREE XP-G Q5 LED is about 3100K, which is has a yellow/orange hue. It is very similar to a standard incandescent light bulbs that all of you are used to. It is surprising to see an LED flashlight emit at this wavelength, since most of the LED lights that I have seen output a very white, or even a blue color.

Why would you want a warm-colored flashlight?

Comparing the Neutral White S2 LED to the Warm White Q5 LED.
Well, for one the warm color is very easy on the eyes. It gives you a higher contrast when used outdoors, making details easier to see. While a white LED would make things seem gray or washed out, the warm white color can actually help you see better.

Now, back to the Quark Tactical QT2A. In the future I plan on reviewing the flashlight more fully. It's a good-sized flashlight that uses two AA batteries. The weight with the batteries is 3.9 oz, it is 5.9" long and 0.87" in diameter. It has excellent knurling and a pocket clip for easy carry.

One of the hits that the Quark Tactical QT2A (Warm White) takes when compared to the regular the Quark Tactical QT2A (R5 LED) is that it only outputs 145 lumens, where the R5 version of the same flashlight outputs 206 lumens. I'm guessing that due to the color output, the efficiency has taken a small hit.

Despite this difference in brightness, which is present in all of the FOURSEVENS flashlight that have the Q5 (Warm White) LED, many people still find the warm white versions very interesting. The reason is that, finally, there are LED flashlights out there with the benefits of a warm white color, while also utilizing the efficiency and durability of an LED. Great job FOURSEVENS!


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