Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flashlight in the Home

Our vision is our most important sense. Without our vision we are at a severe disadvantage. However, in the dark, we lose our vision, putting us at a great disadvantage. This is something that many people often do not think about. At night, we are all totally blind unless we find a source of light. Today, through technology, we have access to relatively powerful sources of light that we can carry with us practically anywhere we go. We have no excuse to not be able to see.

A FOURSEVENS Quark Pro QP2L flashlight
would work great in the home.
How many of you keep a flashlight next to your bed? How many of you have one in an easy to access location somewhere in the house?

If any of you said "No", then, hopefully, I will shed some light onto why you should. (nice pun, heh?)

Knowing that your vision is so critical, it is wise to take the situations where our vision is diminished seriously. If an emergency were to happen, you need to be able to see what is going on, in order to asses the situation and take proper action. Otherwise, tragedy can result.

Why don't I just use a light switch?

There are times when you may not have access to electricity or to a lightswitch. For example, what if the power goes out and you need to see at night? It can be very frustrating looking for a flashlight in the dark. That is why you should always keep a flashlight in an easy to find location where everyone in the house can have access to it.

Here's another situation. What if  are taking out the trash at night; something that I just got back from doing. There are no light switches outside. If you hear a strange noise outside of the home. You would want to see what it was by illuminating the area from a distance. What can you do if you do not have a flashlight?

The smooth reflector on the FOURSEVENS Maelstrom MMS
illuminate far distances.
Having access to a flashlight is also necessary to those who keep a firearm for self defense, which I hope many of you do, if legally allowed to. In a life or death situation, it is critical, absolutely critical, to be able to know what you are about to do. Having a flashlight at hand can prevent a tragedy from happening. That noise that you heard at night might be a burgler, or it might be your child coming home unexpectedly from college. It is very hard to know what it is that you heard unless you first visually inspect it. In a situation where you are considering pulling the trigger to defend your family, making sure of your target is mandatory. A flashlight is the best tool that I can think of to help you in this role.

There are, of course, many other situations where a flashlight would be useful. Not all situations that could use the help of a flashlight are extreme. Most are very common. If you start using a flashlight regularly in the home, you will quickly see the benefits.

Consider what I wrote and if you aren't already, always keep a flashlight handy so that you're never caught in the dark.


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