Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review - FOURSEVENS Preon Flashlights are Awesome!

Well, I had just tested out some FOURSEVENS Flashlights. The lights that I'd like to review first are the Preon - Gen2 series of flashlights. It is impressive at how they pack so much light in such a small package.

A look at the Preon Series by FOURSEVENS.
I, like many of you, am constantly searching for a small, yet very bright flashlight, one that I can literally forget that I have with me, but that will light up the night like a car headlight. That's asking for a lot, I know, and I have yet to find such a light, but the Preon series of lights are the best that I have yet seen.

Well, what's the difference between the Preon P1 and the Preon P2?

The Preon P1 and Preon P2 lights both use AAA batteries. The Preon P1 holds 1 battery, while the Preon P2 holds 2. Because of this, the Preon P2 is over twice as bright, maxing out at 192 lumens, while the Preon P1 outputs 84 lumens. That's incredibly bright for flashlights of this size and I was even more amazed at how small these lights were.

The on/off switch on the Preon P1 consists of a twist bezel which you tighten to turn on and loosen to turn off. The modes are also changed by quickly loosening and tightening the bezel. The Preon P2 has a tailcap switch that you click to turn on.  There is no push to turn on like on some tactical flashlights, so the tailcap has to be fully depressed for the light to turn on. However, once the flashlight is on, the modes can be changed by lightly depressing the tailcap.

Both flashlights have the same output modes, but with different output intensities.

The Preon P1's modes are:
Low(1.8 lumens, 23 hours)
Medium(8.5 lumens, 6 hours)
High(84 lumens, 0.8 hours)
Strobe(1.6 hours)
Beacon (High)(8 hours)
Beacon (Low)(40 hours)
S.O.S.(2.4 hours)

The Preon P2's modes are:
Low(2.2 lumens, 23 hours)
Medium(22 lumens, 6 hours)
High(192 lumens, 0.8 hours)
Strobe(1.6 hours)
Beacon (High)(8 hours)
Beacon (Low)(40 hours)
S.O.S.(2.4 hours)

The pocket clips on these flashlights are removable and are very functional. With the light clipped to your pocket, you literally forget that it's there, for both the Preon P1 and Preon P2.

The Preon series of lights have aluminum bodies, which come in many colors (black, blue, red and yellow), all hardcoat anodized. There is also a run of Preon's called "Titanium", which have titanium bodies. I have not tested these out, but I'm sure that they are just as awesome as the aluminum-bodies ones.

Now, let's talk about a very important topic, weight. Weight determines whether you'll have your flashlight with you or whether it'll be sitting at home on your desk. The Preon lights have this area conquered, as in they are incredibly lightweight. The Preon P1 weighs in at only 0.9 oz with 1 AAA Alkaline battery. The Preon P2 weighs in at only 1.5 oz with 2 AAA Alkaline batteries. That's very light, and I'm sure that they would even weigh less with Lithium battery cells. Come on... 1.5 oz for a 192 lumen flashlight!? It doesn't get much better than that.

Did I mention that both of these flashlights are waterproof to 10 meters! This is just amazing, not that I swim with my flashlights, but if I ever did, I would be prepared.

So, what's not to like about these lights? They're high quality, reasonably priced, bright, small and waterproof. As of today, with current flashlight technologies, which are always changing, the Preons are some of the best compact flashlights available. Get yours today!

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